Creating teams that stay with you for long!
Building up teams
a new way
Generalizations and academism are not my thing. Some teams have a strict dress code, five-day working week and formal communication style, while others have flexible schedules, favor memes and Wednesday nights out in the local bar - I search for the right approach to each of them.
Your Business is my only client. In any task or issue related to employees or candidates that arises, I am on the employer's side.

I never use pseudoscientific or "modern and unique" methods in human resource management, but then again, I don't fall for approaches from 15 years ago that have nothing to do with today's needs. Research, a systematic approach to work, and attention to specific business factors are much greater.

About мe
My name is Lera Reutova. I am the leader of HR.ME recruitment agency,
I'm cultivating analytics and systematic approach to HR management
I advocate passion for the work through proper communication, willfully and voluntarily
I write articles that happen to be instrumental, speak at events and give advice.

Recruiting top and middle management, specialists in the fields of digital, marketing, legal, finance, sales, personal assistants

Recruiting remote workers
Executive search: recruiting key and rare specialists

Developing the company's organizational structure and job descriptions
Analyzing and optimizing HR processes, implementing new methods and tools
Managing the company's HR-brand and its packaging
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