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Develop a functional structure of the company, describe each employee's job profile, including goals, required competencies, format and conditions of the job.
Development of functional structures
Develop a company's organizational structure, based on the customer's objectives, established information and document flows, the organization's capabilities and other factors.

Development of organizational structures
Evaluate existing positions based on company strategy.

Development of grading systems
Analyze remuneration market and competitive remuneration systems, then based on this analysis we develop an optimal remuneration system for each employee category.
Remuneration system development
Create a value proposition of the employer, which describes all the tangible and intangible tools for employee attraction and retention.

EVP development
Create a roadmap, which describes all the stages of candidates/employees interaction with the company.

Employee journey map
Develop from scratch or adjust the employee management system in the company at all stages (recruitment, adaptation, training, development).

Setting up the HR department's operation
Create an employer's reputation management system among job seekers, employees and partners
Development of HR-brand
Transferring operational tasks or certain company projects into a game format.
Processes gamification
Who's it good for?
For any company that wants to build an HR system. It can be a micro-business with a few employees or a large corporation with dozens of offices in different cities - all of then need proper HR-processes.
How do we operate?
/01 Kick-off meeting:
We discuss your request and current issues, agree on objectives and describe them, draft the budget estimate
/02 Advance payment:
A 50 % down payment is made
/03 Work process:
We complete our tasks on our own, but with some involvement of management and company employees: it is your team that is the main knowledge holder
/04 Presentation:
We present the completed task to the customer and provide training

/06 Follow-up:
Upon completion of the work, we continue to provide advice, support and answers to arising questions
/05 Payment:
The remaining 50 % are paid
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