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Here, we should have placed the block with our Recruitment Principles, but there are your principles as well. We strive to consider both. It is great when customers treat recruitment as a team work – do not delay meetings with candidates, give prompt feedback and take active part in the recruitment process.

Simple and transparent recruitment
Service fee
We charge 8% to 12% of the candidate's annual income
In case there is both a fixed and variable pay, we agree on an average value in the contract
You always know the price before we start the work
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Work process
Recruitment request and discussion of the terms
Upon receiving the request, we work together to discuss a detailed profile and requirements to the successful candidate, as well as terms and objectives. If we understand that the terms are below the market (for example, low salary or other aspects), we will definitely suggest how to solve this problem.
As a result of our meeting, we complete a job profile and a contract and send them to you for approval. We work only on prepayment basis, but its amount is discussed separately.
We search, assess and select candidates.
Presentation of results
We present the short-listed candidates, recommended for hiring, to you.
You meet the candidates, interview them and make your decision.
Job offer
We draft the job offer and send it to the successful candidate.
Payment for recruitment services
The customer pays the remaining part of the recruitment fee on the candidate's first day on the job.
In case a candidate fails a probation period (either because the employment termination by the company or left themselves), we guarantee a one-off free replacement (unless the company does not comply with the terms indicated in the job offer).

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